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Agile for Project Managers

  • BestBrains Academy Prinsessegdae 29A, 2rd. floor 1422 Copenhagen (map)

Get an introduction to the Agile concepts, contrasting them with traditional project management methods. The course links classic project management to the Agile approach and shows how to transition between them.

1-Day Course

Date: Monday, September 3, 2018
Time: 9:00 – 17:00
The course is taught in English
Price: 5,200 DKK (ex. VAT) Please note that the vat will be added to the price above.

BestBrains Academy P/S
Prinsessegade 29A, 2.
1422 København K

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Your organisation will still need people with project management competencies even when it starts its Agile journey. The classic project manager can fruitfully take on an Agile role. But it requires that you understand the mind-set behind the Agile approach and learn new techniques.

In this course, we map terms and concepts in the classic project management models to the corresponding ones in Agile. Often there is not a one-to-one which can cause challenges for a classic project manager and to organisations in general. We also discuss the preconditions for using an Agile approach.

Then we cover the typical new Agile roles and what the responsibilities are. In Agile the role Project Manager does not exist, but there still is a need for similar competencies. We will discuss which Agile roles take over the various responsibilities of a classic project manager.

Furthermore, based on a well-known personality model, we will discuss what personality types fit with the different Agile roles – and where the best fit is for you.  


  • What are the biggest pain points in your experience?

  • The purpose of the Agile approach

  • A mapping between traditional project management concepts and Agile concepts

  • Examples of typical challenges in Agile projects

  • Preconditions for using the Agile approach

  • Mapping the classic project manager role and responsibilities to Agile roles

  • Personality types in Agile roles

By the end of this course, you will

  • Understand and be able to apply a set of Agile principles in your current work

  • Understand how projects in your organization that are already using an Agile method is governed and improve the collaboration if you are dependent on each other

  • Be able to see and prepare yourself for Agile roles that you can take on in the future

  • Lower your concerns about the ongoing Agile change

  • Be prepared to attend training courses in specific Agile methods such as Scrum and SAFe


Course format

The training course includes teaching sessions, a number of engaging exercises, and discussions about real-world projects.


Who should attend

You work as a project manager or have project management experience and are interested in learning about the Agile approach. Maybe your organization is starting some Agile projects along with its traditional project formats, or you are considering taking on an Agile assignment yourself. Maybe you have worked in an Agile project for a while and you struggle to make it work or to see how you can develop your career going forward.

No prior knowledge of Agile methods is required.

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Who will facilitate

 Safe Journey

Safe Journey

Mette Bruhn-Pedersen
Mette Bruhn-Pedersen is an experienced test manager and Agile transformation coach.
Since 2014 Mette has helped organisations on their journey from a team-based Agile setup to a scaled setup. Mette helps define Value Streams, launch and run Solution and Agile Release Trains. It includes training and coaching people in the various management, business and IT roles on how to transition to new roles and responsibilities to become more Agile.



Sju G. Thorup
Sju G. Thorup is a highly experienced project manager. She leads Agile cross-organizational projects and coaches project managers, Agile teams and leaders undertaking Agile transformations. Sju's specific expertise is the crossroads between traditional project thinking and the Agile approach.


Søren Grundtvig Westh
Søren Grundtvig Westh is an experienced Agile Coach with a background as a Project Manager and a Requirements Specialist. Søren has in the last several years had a focus on making Agile work in a scaled setup (SAFe). Søren has his primary focus on coaching and assisting Product Owners and Product Management, and has also coached Scrum Masters and Release Train Engineers.

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