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Build better digital products

Are you getting real value from your product development? Learn how to maximise value and minimise risks by applying a mix of Design Thinking, Lean UX, and Agile to discover, design, and develop delightful digital products.

2-Day Course

Date: Wednesday, June 6 – Thursday, June 7, 2018
Time: 9:00 – 17:00
The course is taught in English
Price: 10,900 DKK / Early Bird 9,900 DKK (ex. VAT) Please note that the vat will be added to the price above.
Last date for Early Bird: May 7, 2018

BestBrains Academy P/S
Prinsessegade 29A, 2.
1422 København K

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Agile methodologies has been adopted in almost every organization and it is has proven great for delivering software faster. But the sharp agile focus on development is only one part of a successful product development equation. Companies need distinct capabilities to systematically identify, investigate, explore and test new opportunities and transform vague ideas into actual value.

Building great products and services fundamentally require different capabilities: development and discovery.

Agile has successfully managed to install a clear development focus in most product organizations; systematically shipping stable production code, typically measuring team velocity in terms of story-points and software shipped.  

Discovery work, however, requires an entirely different focus, success metrix and skill set: It's all about learning fast, testing ideas, and validating hypotheses.

The team, and the development organization at large need to balance the two in order to deliver products and services that actually matters.

In this 2-day workshop, you will complete your digital product development capabilities. You'll learn how to transform market insights, customer feedback, and stakeholder ideas into products with great user experience and high business impact. You will learn how to deal with new (risky) business opportunities as well as extending existing offerings.

The hands-on training is based upon a variety of tools and methodologies from Design Thinking, Lean UX, Lean Startup and Business Model Generation.

Why you should attend

Anyone involved in delivering digital products and services, and struggle to get the desired results. If you see the need for extending your team's product development skills. Or if you can recognise any of the following statements:

You or your team...

  • Have delivered output on time and within budget, yet failed to achieve the desired outcome

  • Are focusing too much on technology and features and too little on customer problems, needs and benefits.

  • write user stories, standups, run sprints, and move postits on a scrumboard but fail to ship code that deliver real customer value

  • Get caught up on discussions on user needs, fuelled by opinions and assumptions rather than data and validated learnings

  • Spend more time building features and debating ideas rather than testing them with customers or stakeholders.


What you'll learn

  • How and when to do effective discovery work

  • How to systematically focus your product development on your customers unlock new opportunities

  • How to combine UX or CX methods with agile development and switch between development and discovery work

  • How to set up and run experiments that will accelerate your learning

  • How to find a common language and an easier way to communicate to stakeholders

  • How investing time on bringing down uncertainties will actually speed up your development process

  • How to recognise the characteristics of development and discovery work

Who will facilitate


Jacob Hage

Jacob is the founder and owner of Tangible - a product design consultancy focusing on innovation and customer experience. Jacob has a background from digital agencies and large organizations such as A.P.Møller-Maersk, and Nordea. Tangible is working for clients such as Alm. Brand, Tryg, Danske Bank.  



Peter Nørregård

Peter Nørregård is the founder of playful innovations, a strategic innovation company, focusing on connecting strategic intent with meaningful change.  Peter helps big and small businesses build capabilities within strategic innovation, UX architecture and digital business development. Peter holds a position as external lecture at Aarhus University and teaches design, innovation and strategic product development at both CBS and ITU.


Date and time:
Wednesday, June 6 - 9:00-17:00 and Thursday, June 7, 2018,  9:00 - 17:00.
Both days we will be serving a light breakfast from 8:30 AM.
The course will be taught in English.

10,900 DKK / Early Bird 9,900 DKK (ex. VAT) Please note that the vat will be added to the price above.
Last date for Early Bird: May 7. 2018
The price includes both days, course materials, breakfast, lunch, fruit and coffee, tea etc.

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