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Advanced Visual Language For Tech Leaders

Master visual thinking toolkit to communicate effectively with the use of simple images and diagrams to tackle challenging delivery situations, align your co-workers and employees, and make fast and impactful decisions.

2-Day Course

Date: Thursday, September 6 – Friday, September 7, 2018
Time: 9:00 – 17:00
The course is taught in English
Price: 7,900 DKK / Early Bird 6,900 DKK (ex. VAT) Please note that the vat will be added to the price above.
Last date for Early Bird: August 6. 2018

BestBrains Academy P/S
Prinsessegade 29A, 2.
1422 København K

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  1. Importance and application of visual thinking.
  2. Set up your hygiene of simple drawing by practicing essential elements of visual thinking: lines, shapes, real life and abstract images, people and emotions.
  3. Learn how to write quickly and legibly.
  4. Build your visual vocabulary.
  5. Explore techniques of informational design to know how to convey your message the best way.
  6. Learn specifics of the media available in the office environment to get best out of it.



We are overwhelmed with information today, and the world around us is generating, even more, data more quickly than ever. When showered with too much information we lose focus. What is not understood, cannot be done. Visual thinking is becoming an increasingly vital skill for developing new ideas and products, communicating complex concepts effectively, and collaborating with peers to bring them to life.

We are not adequately taught to use visual language in schools, at home, or at work. And the same time there are dominating stereotypes about “drawing” being an “art” that is preventing the majority of people to learn. Being misinformed about being “creative” leaves out thousands and thousands of workforce visually illiterate. Turn this to your favor and make visual thinking your superpower to stand out in your organization and become a real technology leader.


  1. Discover advanced techniques and approaches that help organize visual information for an efficiency of communication.
  2. Learn how to compose your visual explanations to answer a specific question or to match a certain work situation.
  3. Use the variety of templates and frameworks to get to create the most appropriate communication model for your particular circumstances and audience.
  4. Master the process for fiddling with a complex idea until you find the solid way to explain it.
  5. Take technology related use cases and learn to tackle them, do that with live demos and presentations to strengthen your learning ‘a-ha’ situations in the class.
  6. Create your selfdevelopment journey as a visual thinker.

Join the course and be surprised with how the visual thinking exercises suggest the ease with which everyone can learn the necessary tools and put all the elements together to create a meaningful explanation of practically anything. After this fantastic training, you will be eager to get back to your work environment and apply the new insights to your daily work.

This course will give you tool and techniques you need to distill relatively complex ideas down to simple pictures that pretty much anyone can understand, even non-technical people.

Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone who is not satisfied with the traditional ways of working and is constantly seeking to innovate in the work environment. It is for you who have heard about the visual thinking as the new emerging tool for technology people to work and communicate more effectively.

Thanks to the background of the instructor, there is a substantial emphasis on solving information technology problems the visual way. If you are a UI/UX specialist, business analyst, product owner or product manager, test engineer or a developer, software architect, project manager or a coordinator, scrum master or an agile coach – you will be especially satisfied with the material and the approach to the course structure.

Still not sure whether this course is the right thing for you? Your role or title is not listed above? But if you are involved in innovation, into disruptive change, if you are creating an impact – then this course is definitely for you – make sure you get your hands around visual language to give you the competitive advantage.


What you get

Simply speaking you will transform yourself into an active visual thinker, armed with the tools you need to communicate effectively through diagrams and images and create a shared understanding around your workplace. And practically your toolkit will be augmented with the following:

  • Overcoming a fear of drawing in your work environment.
  • Personal visual vocabulary.
  • Approach to quick and legible handwriting.
  • A plethora of practical tips and tricks put to practice.
  • Many simple yet powerful templates that cover practically all aspects of technology-related situations.
  • Understanding and extensive practice of coming from a problem statement to straightforward and comprehensive visual explanation.
  • Your journey to becoming the master of visual thinking.


Yuri Malishenko
Agile coach and visual practitioner

grafisk visualisering Yuri

Yuri Malishenko is an Agile Cartoonist. He is working with software development teams and organizations to help them achieve business agility. He contributes to that by providing leadership and coaching the visual way. For the last seven years he has been using the visual thinking and facilitation very intensely to supplement his software development work, and two years ago he started training people to become successful visual thinkers.

Yuri has recently published the workbook on essentials of visual language that helps newcomers get quickly into the magic world of visual thinking. Follow his Facebook page to learn more about similar courses and keep up to date with the most recent publications on the topic.

'Yuri, thank you for training and supporting me in my visualisation skills. The inspiring training you gave has been “eye opening” for me. Beside the hands on skills to practice on my drawing, you also gave me tips and tricks on whiteboard and flip over writing. I recommend everyone to join this training you give.'

Aart-Jan Eenkhoorn
Agile Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

'After the training my meetings are three times shorter: I could quickly explain complex concepts to my colleagues and capture our agreements. And on top of that, I stopped fearing showing “poor” images, which helped me re-discover drawing a new.'

Kate Roshchina
Senior Business Analyst


Date and time:
September 6, 2018,  9:00-17:00 and September 7. 2018,  9:00 - 17:00.
Both days we will be serving a light breakfast from 8:30 AM.
The course will be taught in English.

7,900 DKK (ex. VAT) Please note that the vat will be added to the price.
(Early Bird Special: 6.900 DKK until August 6. 2018).
The price includes both days, course materials, breakfast, lunch, fruit and coffee, tea etc.

The workshop will be held in BestBrains' cozy premises, located only 150 meters away from Christianshavns metro
BestBrains Academy P/S
Prinsessegade 29A, 2.
1422 København K

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