Master visual language for IT professionals

Want something better than words? Join this 2-Days course to learn how to use the power of visual thinking to get your team mates aligned, focused and engaged.

2-Day Course

Date: Wednesday, May 17 & Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Time: 9:00 – 17:00
The course is taught in English
Price: 9,500 DKK / Early Bird 8,500 DKK (ex. VAT) Please note that the vat will be added to the price above.
Last date for Early Bird: April 12. 2017

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Day 1

  1. Introduction into visual thinking.

  2. Learning about the visual alphabet and visual language.

  3. Mastering the line.

  4. Mastering the shape.

  5. Mastering arrows.

  6. Mastering the lettering.

  7. Mastering containers and frames.

  8. Mastering real and abstract objects.

  9. Mastering human figures.

  10. Mastering emotions.

  11. Practicing metaphors.

  12. Practicing shadows and shading.

  13. Practicing crosshatching and hatching.

  14. Learning how to use colours.

  15. Learning aspects of perspective in work drawings.

  16. Learning practicalities of various media.

Day 2

  1. Creating your personal visual vocabulary.

  2. Learning practicalities of a quick work drawing.

  3. Learning best practices around clear compositions.

  4. Learning the visual templates.

  5. Learning about the strategies to address the white space.

  6. Learning the visual explanation framework.

  7. Practicing IT domain cases to put the knowledge into play.

  8. Creating a personal self-development journey as a visual practitioner.

  9. Wrapping up the course.

We are living in an extremely busy and increasingly complex world. Everyday we consume enormous amounts of information that distract us from the most important. But how do we make ourselves heard? The problem with words is that while they are great, there are certain things that are impossible to communicate with words alone, especially in the innovation and technology domain. Today, the conversation is becoming visual and to make the conversation meaningful, you need to become visual too.

You can visualize your idea to make it stand out and help you communicate it quicker, with more clarity and so that other people can understand your point and are more likely to get engaged. Diagrams, charts, models, timelines and other types of visual explanations can bring comprehensiveness that words alone would never match.

Sounds easy but how on earth do you explain visually complex things when you cannot draw a straight line? If you are concerned about your drawing skills - don’t worry - we are not trying to launch a career of a professional artist here. It does not take much to turn your idea into a compelling message after you learn a dozen tricks for everyday visualization suggested by this course.

This training will show you that you already have the skills you need to create effective visualizations. You will see that even people who think they cannot draw can make clear and comprehensive sketches. You will learn valuable techniques you can apply right away. Here are the main topics you’ll be introduced to:

  • What is visual thinking and where it can be applied to.
  • What is the most important about visual thinking in the IT domain and what a visual practitioner should focus on.
  • What are the main visualization elements and how to apply them in practice.
  • What are the available media and what are the specifics of working with flipcharts and whiteboards.
  • What are the different approaches to creating visualization.
  • What are the most common visual templates and when to use them.
  • What is the visual explanation framework and how to apply it for solving IT domain challenges (like solution brainstorming, planning, process improvement and any other).
  • How to create your personal development plan as a visual practitioner.
  • Common mistakes to avoid.
  • A lot of fun working together!

Whether your idea is concrete or abstract, with a little practIce, you’ll be able to visualize even the most challenging Ideas. So let’s get started!

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Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone who strives to communicate clearly in meetings, discussions, interviews, workshops, coaching, trainings and so on, especially operating in the IT domain, but not limited to it.

Due to the background of the trainer, there is a solid emphasis put on solving software development challenges visually and this course will become a true breakthrough particularly for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Project Managers. Since these roles are responsible for providing leadership for driving project and product development, they are absolutely in the need of mastering the skill of visual thinking.

Hence, Scrum Masters will add to their palette techniques and templates to:

  • Facilitate better sprint plannings.
  • Run engaging retrospectives.
  • Overcome team dysfunctions.
  • Run educational sessions supported visually.

Product Owners will practice the skills of:

  • Story-boarding of new features.
  • Communicating product visions the graphical way.
  • Explain complex concepts easily and visually. 

Project Managers will get the confidence to:

  • Perform planning sessions visually to ensure better awareness and buy-in of involved parties.
  • Run requirements soliciting workshops visually to gain alignment.
  • Maintain high level of engagement of project team by applying visual tools to support meetings.

Please note that although this course introduces the concept and basic skills of graphic recording, a comprehensive graphic recording is not intended as its learning objective.


Yuri Malishenko is an agile coach and visual practitioner. He is working with software development teams and organizations to help them become great and make their customers happy. Yuri is a strong believer of visual thinking as a supportive tool for new age leadership.
Over the past 9 years Yuri has been putting the visual skills into practice in various fields ranging from product ownership and project management to agile coaching and organizational change management consulting.
Yuri has recently published the workbook on essentials of visual language that helps newcomers quickly get into the magic world of visual thinking. You could follow his Facebook page to learn more about similar courses and keep up to date with the most recent publications on the topic.

After the training my meetings are three times shorter: I could quickly explain complex concepts to my colleagues and capture our agreements. And on top of that I stopped fearing showing “poor” images, which helped me re-discover drawing anew.

Kate Roshchina, Senior Business Analyst,

Before I used to draw flow charts and tasks lists to explain a new idea. And by the end of a conversation my whiteboard would become a colorful mess - nearly impossible to make any sense of after a couple of hours later.

But after this training I can easily engage even the toughest sceptics in my team and come up with a mutual understanding of a situation.

Now in the end of each meeting I get a visual map that can even be used for further documentation.

Dmitry Bratina, Head of support and customer care, Hitwe

Yuri, thank you for training and supporting me in my visualisation skills. The inspiring training you gave has been “eye opening” for me. Beside the hands on skills to practice on my drawing, you also gave me tips and tricks on whiteboard and flip over writing. I recommend everyone to join this training you give.

Aart-Jan Eenkhoorn, Agile Coach, Trainer & Facilitator, Wemanity


Date and time:
May 17, 2017,  9:00-17:00 and May 24. 2017,  9:00 - 17:00.
Both days we will be serving a light breakfast from 8:30 AM.
The course will be taught in English.

9,500 DKK (ex. VAT) Please note that the vat will be added to the price above.
(Early Bird Special: 8.500 DKK until April 12. 2017).
The price includes both days, course materials, breakfast, lunch, fruit and coffee, tea etc.

The workshop will be held in BestBrains' cosy premises in the heart of Copenhagen:
BestBrains P/S
Sankt Gertruds Stræde 5, 3. sal
1129 København K.

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