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Master Class: Visual Language For Tech Leaders

Free event


With: Yuri Malishenko
Language: English
BestBrains Academy P/S
Prinsessegade 29A, 2.
1422 København K



This event is free, but to participate you will have to fulfill an assignment. The number of seats is limited, and we will only receive 16 people, so hurry up!

Deadline for submitting the completed assignments: January 5, 2018.
Want to sign up? Use the form, which you find at the end of this class description.

If you are working with IT products, it means that you are dealing with complexity and uncertainty. It also implies that you work with people, with different people that come from various fields and have a diverse background. How do you effectively communicate to collaboratively define right solutions and under extremely tight limitations?

Powerpoints are dead, meetings around the table are not working anymore, and words are merely useless. It is the time to stand up and make your point by expressing the complex concept as a drawing on a whiteboard or a flip-chart.

If you are passionate about effective communication and new ways of working, join our master class to explore the method of applying visual language to the problems of IT products development.

During the full 2 hours of the master class we will look into:

  • The quickest and easiest way to draw simple visual elements that convey complex meanings.

  • Getting to legible and quick handwriting.

  • Building up a visual library for day to day use in your working environment.

  • Get to know the essential ways of visual organizations to explain pretty much anything.

  • Go through a couple of real problems to see how those could be expressed visually to find a proper solution.

The number of seats is limited, and we will only receive 16 people, so hurry up!

To participate, you will have to fulfill an assignment:

  1. Do your best and explain visually one option of your choice from the ones listed below:

    1. the generic process of how user stories are refined from the initial idea until they are implemented by the development team.

    2. the major differences between the serial (aka ‘waterfall’) and iterative/incremental (aka ‘agile’) models of software development processes.

    3. the benefits of co-located and cross-functional teams from the perspective of quality of communication and collaboration within a software development organization.

    4. define your own if none of the above makes any sense to you :)

  2. Come up with a problem that you would like to explain visually. Explain the problem verbally and submit it for a review, we will pick 2-3 the most interesting problems to be taken into the master class.

Submit the completed assignments by January 5, 2018. Please notice, that only those who have submitted both assignments will be admitted to the master class. Since the number of seats is limited, we will choose the first 16 people who have satisfied the requirements as mentioned above.

Submit your assignments and sign up for the class using the form below.
- Please upload your files in PDF version.

Please also notice, that participants will be presented with a kit of super quality markers for sketchnoting.

See you in the master class!

Yuri Malishenko is an agile coach and visual practitioner. He is working with software development teams and organizations to help them become great and make their customers happy. Yuri is a strong believer of visual thinking as a supportive tool for new age leadership.
Over the past 9 years Yuri has been putting the visual skills into practice in various fields ranging from product ownership and project management to agile coaching and organizational change management consulting.
Yuri has recently published the workbook on essentials of visual language that helps newcomers quickly get into the magic world of visual thinking. You could follow his Facebook page to learn more about similar courses and keep up to date with the most recent publications on the topic.


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